LG GM730

LG GM730

LG GM730

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LG Electronics, perintis teknologi telefon skrin sentuh dan pemimpin dalam reka bentuk telefon bimbit bergaya, memperkenalkan telefon bimbit inovatif LG-GM730 Smartphone.

The LG GM730 will be packed full of applications. There is built-in GPS, Pocket Office, PDF Viewer, Organiser. There is also a clever feature called Chat to Map. This allows you to chat to your friends and family and determine their location.

The S-Class Touch interface makes the LG GM 730 intuitive and easy to use, and the navigation is built around a 3D cube layout. There is bluetooth, wi-fi, and all the popular browser formats are supported (HTML, XHTML).

The LG GM730 has a large 3 inch touch screen. This fits into the overall dimensions, which are 109.8 x 56.5 x 11.9 mm. It only comes in black with silver trim around the edges.

There is no keypad, as it is a touch screen phone, but there are two touch sensitive buttons at the bottom for on and off, as well as a small navigation pad.

versi baru Windows Mobile 6.1, LG-GM730

harga runcit RM 1,799.

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